3.0.0 Released!

We have released a revamped version of the 2.0 system that was not working well in production. This fixes all the known issues and we will soon be bringing traceroute back in a really nice fashion.

We hope everyone enjoys in its working state once again.

Known Issues

Just so everyone is aware, we are aware of some issues with system stability since the new version has rolled out. We are working to implement a better backend transport of the ping messages so we can continue to improve the web interface.

Please bare with us and we will get a lot more locations back online and increase the reliability of the whole system.

We are also interested in anyone who would like to run their own bot. They are cheap on system resources and connect to us so they work behind firewalls and work on Windows and Unix.

We will add some more details about a bot submission process later. Otherwise email to inquire about setting up your own bot. 2.0.0 Released

We have finally finished a complete rewrite of and our proud to release the latest version. There is so much on the horizon now that we are on our new platform and hope to expand into the future.

The whole system has been rewritten from the ground up and now we have introduced Live Ping using to introduce true real time ping results

There are more features on the way and we will be introducing a live traceroute that should help any network administrator diagnose any issues.

Finally, we fully intend to introduce, IP diagnostics, DNS diagnostics, and real time monitoring

Cheers Everyone!